• About Me

    I grew up in Staten Island, NY and now I live in Long Island with my husband and 3 boys.

    Always an avid reader, one day I said to myself, “this book writing thing can’t be that hard, I’m going to give it a try!” Having a few babies, working a full time job as a project manager in Internet Security, and the need for at least 8 hours of sleep a night (more would be better) all worked against me becoming a novelist.

    After  hearing my characters talking constantly in my head,  I finally finished my first novel. This was followed shortly thereafter by my second novel, TEMPLE FALLS, which I am currently seeking representation for.

    I hope this blog will give you a little glimmer into my journey as a writer, with a little bit of mommy talk thrown in on the side.

    Besides writing, I love running as far as I can.

    I love pink things. I used to hate pink things, but now I am the only girl in my house and I’ve decided that I need to surround myself in pink things to remind myself that I am a girl. One day I hope to have a pink room with lots of pink ribbons and frilly soft things that I can retreat to when my boys insist on playing boy things. Until then, my husband is threatening to rip out one of our toilets and replace it with a urinal.

    And here’s a little more about me…. this is where I get to talk about myself in third person!


    In fifth grade, Ella learned a new vocabulary word—prolific—when her teacher used it to describe Ella’s weekly writing projects. From a very young age, imagining fantasy worlds and dreaming up heroes was second nature for Ella. She would spend hours holed away in her room with her notebook and pencil pouring out the adventures that were so clear in her imagination.

    But Ella was also a promising math and science student, and her European immigrant parents encouraged her to follow that path. “Writing is a hobby,” they would often say. “Science is a career.”

    To her parents’ delight, Ella received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Columbia University in engineering. Today, Ella spends her days working as a manager in the Internet Security industry, saving the Internet from bad guys with words like cryptography, identity management, and intrusion detection. By night, Ella uses her love of words to tell the stories of the characters that won’t stop speaking in her head.

    When she’s not working, writing, or taking care of her three young boys, Ella enjoys running as far as she can. Some of her best story ideas were born during an intense run. Ella completed the NYC Marathon in 2010 and intends to participate again next year.

    Ella is still trying to put her engineering degree to good use and invent a machine that will give her more hours in the day so she can do all the things she wants to do. Until then, she has accepted that sleep is overrated.

    TEMPLE FALLS is Ella’s second completed novel.