• A few updates–CONTESTS!

    Date: 2012.10.02 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Recently, I decided to take my chances and enter a few online contests. My real motivation in entering was to get feedback on my query/pitch and test the waters a bit.

    I participated in #PitMad, a twitter pitch-fest. Basically, you have 140 characters (less actually because you need to include the hashtag) to pitch your novel to lurking agents. Here is the pitch that won me a “favorite” from literary agent Brittany Howard of Corvisiero Agency:

    Nara, 14 yo banished princess, must work with her nemesis, a mere commoner, to decipher the Gods’ clues and end the plagues (MG) #PitMad

    I also entered the Miss Snark’s First Victim Catch a Teen Eye contest and was an honorable mention. You can find the full list of winners here (look for TEMPLE FALLS)


    Lastly, I entered Krista Van Dolzer’s Agent Inbox contest and came in 4th place! This one I am particularly proud of because the other entries were so strong. My win earned me a partial request from agent Victoria Marini, of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency.  Here is a link to the announcement:


    So I’m pretty excited about the contests so far. Definitely making good progress. But even more exciting is that I have several partial and full manuscript requests out there with some DREAM AGENTS. Fingers and toes crossed!

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  • Well said, Mr. King

    Date: 2012.09.15 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 1

    I was going to write a blog post about this, but I couldn’t have articulated it any better.



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    1. Britney Gulbrandsen 12/09/17 15:03

      Wow! I LOVE that quote! It’s so true! I always have a book {or my kindle} with me!

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  • Temple Falls

    Date: 2012.08.16 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    So….. I’ve been talking about my book a lot. I think it’s time to let everyone know a little more about this project that has consumed so much of my energy and heart for so long.

    My novel, TEMPLE FALLS, is now complete. I’ve updated my blog with a summary of the book.  Take a look! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Agents: you’ll be hearing from me soon :)



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  • Where in the world have I been?

    Date: 2012.07.25 | Category: Kids, Uncategorized | Response: 1

    OK… so I haven’t been very good at this bloggy thing. What have I been doing?


    Lets see…..

    • I finished editing my book! YAY!!! That’s a big deal.
    • I finished writing the query for my book. This is what I will use to submit my book to agents for their consideration. It only took about 25 rewrites, but I think it’s solid now.
    • I entered my query in a few contests and got a few honorable mentions from some notable agents. What did that earn me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But at least I know I’m on the right track.
    • Did I mention I finished editing my book???
    • Driving. A lot. My kids attend a camp that is one hour away from our house. So between my husband and I, we have to drive 1 hour each way to drop them off and pick them up from camp. Sometimes there’s traffic which makes it doubly bad.
    • Driving. Even more. My parents have a lovely summer home in the Poconos, right on the lake. My children think this place is nearly as cool as Disney World. So we’ve been going up there on the weekends. It’s great fun, but 3 hours of driving each way.

    Here’s a picture of me and my boys by the lake in the Poconos. Isn’t it pretty?


    • More driving. My oldest son is a huge civil war buff. We promised him some trips to civil war historic sites. We visited Gettysburg a few weeks ago (very cool), and we are about to visit Antietam and Harper’s Ferry. I swear, my next book will be a historical fiction based on the civil war. The ideas are baking as I write this.
    • Working a full time job. Yes, I do work. Full time.
    • Did I mention, I finished editing my book?

    So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to this summer. I haven’t been blogging all that much, but I’ve been rather busy. How about you? How is everyone’s summer going?

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    1. radrusky 12/07/26 10:09

      Hi Ella… Congrats on completing your book editing! I can’t wait to finally read your stuff. And I am quite amazed at all the things you get accomplished. I only have one child and can’t seem to keep up with life’s obligations. I’m also working a full-time job while starting a separate home-based business, yet can’t seem to balance it all very well (even though I am supposedly a Project Manager, but seems I can’t PM my personal tasks very well). And funny that you mention all the driving… I actually miss driving ever since I started working from home. I’ve got a nice shiny sporty car that just sits in the garage and I’m sure feels neglected. I literally only put on 2,000 miles in the past 10 months, the majority of which was a single trip to VA. Hopefully, we can find a day when you’re not overly busy so I can “stretch its legs” by giving you a visit.

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  • Are Children Getting eReaders?

    Date: 2011.12.29 | Category: Publishing, Uncategorized | Response: 1

    With the price of eReaders coming down below the $100 mark, I had a feeling that they would become the hot gifted item this holiday season. And if my local Barnes and Noble is any indication, I was indeed correct. I stepped into the store on Dec 28th at about 8:00 PM. There were probably 200 people attending the free “how to use your Nook” class. They were offering three simultaneous sessions in different parts of the store because there were so many people.


    And this was just one small sampling. One random Barnes and Noble on a random Tuesday night. I can only imagine what’s been happening around the country since Christmas.

    I even saw young children attending the workshop. As a middle grade writer, to me this is very encouraging. I’ve been thinking of self-publishing my book on Amazon and BN.com. I know adult books are doing amazingly well selling as eBooks, but what about kids books? Would parents by eBooks fort their children?

    I think the answer is yes.

    Anita Laydon Miller, self-published author of the middle grade book Earthling Hero and YA book A Scary Good Book, reports that she sold 100 eBooks since Christmas morning – way to go Anita! So you see, parents are buying eReaders for their children. They are buying eBooks. This is encouraging news for young readers and aspiring authors like me.

    Did you get an eReader for the holidays?

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    1. Anita Laydon Miller 11/12/29 22:45

      My per day sales have really increased. I got about 60 on Christmas day. They’ve tapered some since then, but are still strong. I know I’m not making millions off my books, but I LOOOOVE that kids are reading them…that’s truly worth more than any $ to me. And I love getting reviews from kids…they are so darn cute. I think I’ll go kiss a Nook and a Kindle now. :) Thanks for the mention!

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