• My Book

    Temple Falls is a Middle Grade Fantasy novel, complete at 50,000 words.


    What’s it about, you ask?


    Banished from the palace after the death of her father, the king, thirteen year old Nara is no longer a princess. Now her stump of a cousin holds the throne. Too bad for him he can’t hear the gods the way Nara can. And those gods are angry. Darkness is the first plague, but the gods are just getting warmed up.

    By unraveling the gods’ cryptic clues, Nara thinks she knows how to stop the plagues: the gods want a temple. Nara advises her half-wit cousin to begin construction at once, and commoners from across the kingdom are uprooted from their homes and ordered to work as laborers. One such commoner is Damian, a crippled boy with a big voice and bright ideas who doesn’t believe a temple is the right solution to the worsening plague problem. The laborers, sick of taking orders from a twerp of a king, rally around Damian.

    Nara wants nothing more than to reclaim the palace. To do so, she must save a kingdom that abandoned her while dealing with angry gods, an oblivious cousin-king, and a random boy with a crooked leg worshiped as a visionary. But when Nara and Damian’s mothers fall victim to the worst plague yet, the teens must work together before the gods and King Clueless destroy the only family both of them have left.