• NaNoWriMo Fail

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    It’s November. This is where  I was supposed to be rocking my word count as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I spent the month of October obsessing over a new novel idea, learning my characters, itching to blitz through my first draft as part of a month of writing frenzy.

    And then Hurricane Sandy hit.

    I never could have imagined that my home on the South Shore of Long Island would have been hit so hard. But on the night of the storm, when the surge came in, there was nothing I can do other than watch in horror as a tidal wave of sea water ripped down my street. The water level continued to rise during high tide, eventually rising high enough to reach my front door, back door, garage…..

    I consider myself very lucky. So many friends and family fared a lot worse than us. At least we still have a home (without power). At least my children slept safely on the top floor of my house during the surge, never experiencing the scary moments first hand.


    This is a picture of the front of our house after some of the cleanup. Sanitation had already picked up several other loads of rubbish. Very depressing to come home to.

    But the power never came back. Today is November 9th and I still have no power. I will save my LIPA rant for another blog post, but let me just say LIPA should be ashamed of themselves.

    I tried to write for Nano. I really did. My kids and I left for a few days to PA to escape our cold, powerless house and I had images of me sitting by the fireplace clacking away on my new book. But the words just didn’t come. All I could think about was my husband stuck at home in a cold, wet house cleaning up the mess.  My neighbors in the Rockaways and my hometown of Staten Island trying to pick up the pieces. The gas shortages. All this killed my muse.

    So…Nano… I have failed. After successfully completing 2 years of Nano, this year will not be a win for me.  I blame that bitch Sandy. I blame LIPA. But I do not blame myself. Not this time. There are just too many other priorities at the moment. Like keeping my house warm. Like trying to entertain my 3 children when it gets dark and they get scared. Like trying to figure out if I have enough gas to get my children to school.

    NanoWriMo next year.