• Are Children Getting eReaders?

    Date: 2011.12.29 | Category: Publishing, Uncategorized | Tags:

    With the price of eReaders coming down below the $100 mark, I had a feeling that they would become the hot gifted item this holiday season. And if my local Barnes and Noble is any indication, I was indeed correct. I stepped into the store on Dec 28th at about 8:00 PM. There were probably 200 people attending the free “how to use your Nook” class. They were offering three simultaneous sessions in different parts of the store because there were so many people.


    And this was just one small sampling. One random Barnes and Noble on a random Tuesday night. I can only imagine what’s been happening around the country since Christmas.

    I even saw young children attending the workshop. As a middle grade writer, to me this is very encouraging. I’ve been thinking of self-publishing my book on Amazon and BN.com. I know adult books are doing amazingly well selling as eBooks, but what about kids books? Would parents by eBooks fort their children?

    I think the answer is yes.

    Anita Laydon Miller, self-published author of the middle grade book Earthling Hero and YA book A Scary Good Book, reports that she sold 100 eBooks since Christmas morning – way to go Anita! So you see, parents are buying eReaders for their children. They are buying eBooks. This is encouraging news for young readers and aspiring authors like me.

    Did you get an eReader for the holidays?